JK Soft Business Management System

Front-end and back end office intertwined that support more than just deliver reports.

Features to manage operation and customer engagement to help boost your operation

Available on any computer or mobile device, JK Soft gives you complete control of your small business in your hand, without being tied to your business.

The Command Center

The Command Center mode show status of your business operatin in eagle eye view at your finger tip. 

POS Management

Manage and make changes to your POS system without being at the point of sale. Remotely manage a variety of POS functions and communicate directly with employees.

Customize Point of Sale Reports and Analytics

Create your own reports from seven categories to choose to make over hundred custom reports

Sales Reports

Tracking sales by email reporting to your email. Support 4 different types of EOD Sales Reports will give you actionable insights

Menu and Product Reports

Report figure by menu and Products by year, month, week, day of the week, and hour

Labor Reports

Employee commissions, Flexible tip processing and sharing, detailed and customizable drawer in/out reports

Third-Party Point of Sale Integrations

There’s more to your business than what happens at the point of sale. Third-party applications allow you to seamlessly bridge your POS software with other business management programs.

From accounting solutions and email marketing to online ordering and employee scheduling, our Marketplace has all the applications you need to successfully manage your small business.

Employee Management

From managing job-based permissions to creating the weekly staff schedule, JD Software back office can help you delegate tasks while maintaining complete oversight of your business.

Innovative Customer Engagement Tools

Connecting with customers is the key to a successful business. With innovative customer engagement tools helps conecting with customer just with few click.

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