SWICH Mobile Pay Fast Track your business to the Next Level

SWICH devices deliver modern technology for your customer to experience convenience and efficiency that will supercharge your business.

Boost Your Business
with SWICH Mobile Pay

Mobile Pay Benefits

Increase table turns and face time with customers

With pay-at-the-table technology, servers can stay in the front-of-house. Employees can place orders, reorder items, split checks, and process payments without walking back and forth to a stationary POS terminal.

Reduce chargeback liability and card fraud

Pay-at-the-table EMV is the perfect recipe to reduce chargebacks, card fraud, and put more dough in your pocket.

Boost gratuity and shrink turnover

Higher tips equal happier servers — and less employee turnover. The SWICH tableside payment device prompts patrons with custom tip amounts designed to support fair tipping practices.

Move beyond the table for takeout and delivery

Swich Mobile Pay isn’t just for pay-at-the-table. With its built-in 4G capabilities, you can accept payment anywhere – including for curbside takeout or delivery.

Pay-at-the-Table POS Features

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