Simplify SWICH Pizza POS System with hassle-free to use

Every order you can deliver and sell like a pro. You can operate a successful Pizzeria with real time delivery.

All in one SWICH Pizza POS to run your Pizzeria Easy, Peasy like a Pie

POS software combined with SWICH POS hardware helps you to save time and run your Pizzeria like a simple Pie.

Easy to Use, Just Ready to Deliver!

Menu Customization

Building your own, swapping toppings is just easy for you to touch POS to process orders.

Real-Time Management

Automatically adjust upcharges based on selected pizza on menu and schedule ahead for upcoming orders.

Delivery Management System

Easy to use delivery system with maps and options to text the customer when the delivery leaves the store with Pizza. Multiple receipt delivery method including test or printing.

Better Pizzeria Management Using Latest Technology

POS Software Made For Pizzerias

Customer Management

Manage inhouse customer accounts with contact list from POS data base. Various features like reward program, coupons to increase customer retention as existing customers bring 80% of sales than new customers. 

Staff Management

Employee management is not simple. SWICH POS can prevent thief, evaluate sales performance, track hours, payroll, edit timesheets, calculate overtime, track hours and payroll, edit timesheets, calculate overtime, and manage job-based permissions.

Pizzeria Operation Management

Keep track of sales to manage your dough; save time with custom table layout, easy pricing set, time, day of the week, station order types and excluded holidays to operate your pizzeria the simple and easy way.

Competitive Pricing and Mobile Payment with Merchant Services

Contactless payment processing helps fast sales turnaround and protects your staff and guests by eliminating unnecessary physical contact at the point of sale.

Ready, Set and Go!

Pay as you go

Designed for people with no POS system experience and easy to process payments. It can accept all payment types, apple pay, credit cards and debit cards to modern-day EMV chip cards and NFC transactions.

Pay with QR Code

Easy to use payment by scanning QR code allows customers to quickly pay and go.

Online Ordering

Our partner allows you to accept payment for takeout and delivery orders online, eliminating the need for the customer to present the card when they pick up their food.

Competitive Pricing and Merchant Services

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“The software seemed much more intuitive than some of the other systems we looked at and it offered much better functionality.”

Pizza POS Hardware

SWICH Essential POS System

All-In-One System 

Modern design, powerful performance, and Intuitive design.

  • CPU: Intel I3
  • RAM: 8GB
  • SSD : 128GB
  •  15 inch LED Touch screen
  • Win 10 pro
Customer-Facing Display

Customers can see their transactions.

Receipt Printer

Speed printing and customizable receipts.

Cash Drawer

Simple, Strong, safely build to secure your money.


Easy to enter information with a keyboard.

Barcode Scanner

Easy to identify merchandise, manage inventory with UPC and speed up the sales.

Digital Scale

For weighted items, a digital scale will ensure sales are accurate.

Credit Card Terminal

The most updated machine for your pizzeria always serves up secure payments.

Tableside Tablet

Light, easy to use tablet for ordering and processing payment  at customer’s table. 

Kitchen Display
  • Displays order info in the kitchens
  • Replaces the need of kitchen printers
  • Option to show orders from other kitchens
  • Support both touch screen and customized keypad
  • Simple operations to bump, undo, and scroll through pages
  • Detailed notification of added, deleted, and modified items
  • Easy to identify status of orders and items

Customize Point of Sale Reports and Analytics

Create your own reports from seven categories to choose to make over hundred custom reports

Sales Reports

Tracking sales by email reporting to your email. Support 4 different types of EOD Sales Reports will give you actionable insights

Menu and Product Reports

Report figure by menu and Products by year, month, week, day of the week, and hour

Labor Reports

Employee commissions, Flexible tip processing and sharing, detailed and customizable drawer in/out reports

Third-Party Point of Sale Integrations

There’s more to your business than what happens at the point of sale. Third-party applications allow you to seamlessly bridge your POS software with other business management programs.

From accounting solutions and email marketing to online ordering and employee scheduling, our Marketplace has all the applications you need to successfully manage your small business.

POS Installation, Reliability, and Support

Reliability built on decades of development experience, Every SWICH PIZZA RESTAURANT POS SYSTEM comes with professional installation, comprehensive training, and 24/7 technical support team.

Knowledgeable technicians provide installation, Flexibility on schedule to complete the installation ensure you are up and running in no time.

Our certified technicians provide onsite training and extensive remote training to make sure you are comfortable with SWICH POS system.

SWICH Support 24/7 available customer support

  • Bulletproof software that never crashes
  • Industry’s fastest updates and bug fixes
  • Automatic data backup to 3 different locations
  • Internet data backup and restore option