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SWICH POS is designed for people with no POS system experience to work smarter, not harder.

SWICH POS Reporting Features

Control your business in one place and use data to grow your business.

Customize POS Reports and Play Favorites

With POS reporting from SWICH POS, you get reports that fit the needs of your business. Use our pre-defined reports or create custom variations and save your favorites for easy lookup.

A Bird’s Eye View or Drill Down to the Details

It’s vital to see daily snapshots like gross sales, net sales, or the number of transactions so you can make real-time decisions. Likewise, knowing how long it takes a product to sell and your most profitable items are just as critical to the long-term success of your business. With swichpos, you get the best of both worlds.

Inventory Management Made Simple

Never run out of your best selling items and miss a sale. Never stifle your cash flow with inventory that collects dust. From an inventory valuation report to real-time stock reports, know what products are in demand and the ones that are a drag on your bottom line.

Discover Customer Buying Habits

Although customers drive sales, you’re the one in the driver’s seat. Know your new customers from your most loyal ones. Know how much they spend and what they’re buying so you can create personalized customer experiences and marketing campaigns to encourage more sales.

Monitor Employee Performance

Employees are the lifeline of your business. From knowing exact labor costs to running payroll reports and finding your top performing employees, employee reports will help keep operating expenses in check.

Always be in the Know

Connect to your business anytime, from anywhere. Whether you’re at home or on vacation, you can monitor sales and business performance with real-time POS reports.

Reporting and Analytics
That Make a Difference

The more you know, the more you’ll grow






Loss Prevention

Sales Reports

Sales reports are an invaluable mainstay for any business owner and the pulse of your operation. Without these reports, you have no visibility into revenue, cash flow, or the overall financial performance of your business.

Sales Summary by Item

Know what items sold, the profitability of each product, and what items are discounted most often

Sales Summary by Department

Does one department kill it while another one kills your bottom line?

Profit Margin Report

Know what products are the most profitable from the ones that aren’t worth the effort.

Sales Summary by Order Type

Segmenting orders by type will help you know what area of your business to focus your efforts.

POS Transaction Report

From credit cards and gift cards to sales and returns, know precisely what happens at the point of purchase.

POS Settlement Report

Compare credit card processing statements against your POS transactions to make sure you account for every dollar.


Inventory Reports

Since product inventory is one of your greatest assets, it’s critical to have accurate stock reports to help you spot trends and make intelligent purchasing decisions.

Inventory Valuation

Know your worth by understanding the real value of your greatest assets.

Product Sales

Ensure the number of items sold measure up to your physical inventory counts.

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Ensure your cost of sales never exceeds your revenue by monitoring the cost of goods sold.

Product Mix Report

Know your best-selling items from your worst-selling items and keep on top of inventory needs.

Employee Reports

Employees are your business’ greatest resource and also a significant expense. From tracking labor costs to monitoring employee performance, keeping tabs on your staff is critical to the success of your business.

POS Shift Reports (X Report)

Get a detailed view of employee cash handling and transaction activities throughout their shift.

Payout Reports

Whether it’s a refund or you’re transferring funds to the bank, keep tabs on money that leaves your register.

Labor Reports

As the minimum wage increases across the country, it’s more important than ever to ensure your labor costs never outweigh your sales.

Payroll Reports

From tracking clock-in and clock out times or payroll hours, our POS reports have you covered.

Sales by Employee

Know which employees are pulling their weight and the ones weighing you down.

Customer POS Reports

The key to a successful business is knowing your customers. Use your POS reports to understand customer behavior, purchasing patterns, and what products they’re spending money on to help drive customer loyalty.

Sales by Customer

Know your most loyal customers from the occasional shoppers.

Customer House Account Balance

Whether you take deposits for big-ticket items or give VIP customers carte blanche, you need to keep an eye on the IOUs.

Loyalty Program Report

Customer loyalty programs not only keep customers engaged, but show you which promotions are the most successful.

Customer Milestone Reporting

If your motto is to treat customers like friends and family, that means you also need to remember special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.


Auditing Reports

Having detailed records of how products and cash move through your business is the only sure fire way you, and Uncle Sam, will know exactly where your money is going.

Tax Details

Not all products and services have the same tax rate. Get a detailed breakdown of sales tax and revenue classes for seamless reporting

Till Transaction Summary (Till Management)

Know every void, discount, and transaction that transpires at the point of purchase and ensure crafty employees aren’t ‘hiding’ money.

Closed Order Summary

Once it’s a done deal, it’s in the books. Get the details for every closed ticket.

Open Ticket Detail

Before it’s in the books, know the details of every open ticket and what you can expect to close. 

Loss Prevention Reports

For U.S. retailers, theft is a billion dollar a year problem. Use swichpos’s loss prevention reports to nip the problem in the bud.

Audit Trail

Keep a data log of activity and boost your fraud detection efforts.

Refund Detail and Reasons

From how the refund was issued to who performed the transaction and while keeping an eye out for any red flags.

Void Detail and Reasons

Employees will make the occasional mistake. Too many ‘mistakes’ can be a cause for concern.

Discount Detail

Ensure managers don’t take advantage of their user permissions with generous discounts at your expense.

Open-priced Items

Too many open-priced items or miscellaneous ring ups might be a red flag for fraud.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports

Progress reports and short-term financial snapshots help you gain a better grasp of your company’s performance, make forecasting decisions more accurate, and contribute to the long-term success of your business.

POS End of Day Reports (Z Reports)

From end of day or end of shift, swichpos POS reports have all the info you need, from A-Z.

Financial Comparison Reports

Whether you’re comparing month over month or year over year, know how your business stacks up against previous periods.

Weekly Performance Indicators

Track your business’ most important KPIs in one single report.

Industry-specific POS Reports

It’s not one-size-fits-all when it comes to point of sale systems — or their reporting features. What works for one business won’t work for others. To get the most out of your data, you need a POS system that’s built for your business.

Restaurant POS Reports

From fine-dining and fast-casual to takeout and delivery, restaurant POS software reports will help you dig into metrics and give you practical, real-time insight into your business’ performance.

Employee Tips and Gratuity Reports

Measure totals sales against tips declared and make sure the numbers add up.

Transferred Tickets Detail

It’s inevitable that servers and bartenders will transfer an open check to a coworker. Make sure the details don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Sales Summary by Order Type

Segmenting orders by type will help you know what area of your business to focus your efforts on. where to focus your efforts.

Modifier Sales Reports

Compare modifier usage, see how frequently customers select modifiers, and which ones are the most popular.

Looking for a Retail Point of Sale System?

Never make a faux pas at the point of purchase again. Easy to use software that doesn’t lack functionality — or break the bank.

Retail POS Reports

Not all retail stores operate uniformly. From high-end boutiques to second-hand consignment shops, make sure you have the right data to power success.

Consignment Reports

If consignment sales are part of your retail business, you’ll need to make sure your POS software can properly manage and report on those sales, income accounts, and payouts.

Layaway Reports

Layaway plans are a great way to entice shoppers to spend more without costing you more. To make it successful, you need to have the right reports

Employee Commission Report

Employees will make the occasional mistake. Too many ‘mistakes’ can be a cause for concern.

Discount Detail

If you motivate employees to sell more by compensating them with a commission incentive, make certain payments are precise.

Serial Number Reporting

If you sell electronics or firearms, serial number reporting is imperative to your inventory process.

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